ArtPrize: Top-5 Venue

Tonight, [Fashion Has Heart] is in the Top-5 for the Juried Award for “Outstanding Venue.” ArtPrize-goers’ responses to the venue has been overwhelming, as we have seen simply by the Freedom Wall that quickly filled up within the first few days. If you haven’t been able to make it to ArtPrize in Grand Rapids to experience it for yourself yet, then here are a few pictures to give you just an idea of what all the hype is about. More images, video, etc. to come in the near future.

Follow [FHH] on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram tonight to find out if in fact we win the Juried Award for Top Venue along with the $20,000 prize money that comes with it.

Next week we will feature each Hero + Artist design with the meaning and purpose behind it, along with the Heroes’ custom Bates boots. We will also share more about the collaborative projects [FHH] created with Teamwork Bags, Musicskins, and Bates. Stay posted for more!

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