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The public’s response to the Corporal Hoffman Series project during ArtPrize has been the biggest award of all, including being in the Top-100 entries by the public’s vote. Last night, we were excited and honored to be nominated for the Top-5 in “Outstanding Venue” Juried Award. It was a great feeling and testament to the power of the Corporal Hoffman Series to be recognized by a juror of experts.

The juror of this award was Tom Eccles, who said that the venue was, “The most astonishing, beautiful exhibition,¬†poignant, powerful, emotional story of veterans who were badly hurt in the wars who have come back, collaborated with a design team, worked with a manufacturer, and produced beautiful boots, t-shirts, and design objects. We see a lot of animals, a lot of dragons, and other incredible displays. A little part of my experience here was to engage with a group of people who I have nothing to do with whose stories I hear told, but not in this sort of way… It’s a beautiful, beautiful show.”

Although the award ended up going to Site:Lab, which was a featured Exhibition Center who had won this award last year, we were still honored to be in the Top-5. Considering we developed the venue and exhibit with no money and relied completely on volunteers and in-kind sponsorships to put it all together, it was an amazing accomplishment for us to be on the ArtPrize short list. That goes to show for the power of these Heroes’ stories and the need for people to hear, see, read, wear, and experience them.

Here are a few images of our evening:

[FHH] Creative Director, Tyler Way and [FHH] Executive Director, Michael Hyacinthe

Ben, Tyler, Aimee, Michael, and Mike — a small sampling of the numerous volunteers who made the entire project and ArtPrize exhibit possible.

Here are a few video clips of WoodTV8′s coverage and analysis of the “Short List,” which includes great dicussions around the [Fashion Has Heart] exhibit by local art expert, Georgia Taylor, and juror, Tom Eccles:

The ArtPrize 2012 Short List

The ArtPrize 2012 Short List

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