[FHH] MLK Day of Action

With Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday (not to mention the 57th Presidential Inauguration), the MLK Day of Action was on Saturday to celebrate, commemorate, and continue Dr. King’s commitment to serving others. To do our part, [FHH] partnered with the Grand Rapids Veteran Affairs to invite local veterans to experience the Corporal Hoffman Series exhibit. In what will most likely be the last event held at this Top-5 ArtPrize venue, we were blessed to share these 5 stories of young vets with an older generation of Heroes, some of which were homeless and continued to deal with significant issues due to their service.

Their response was heart warming. Never before have any of them seen such a thing, bringing a few of them brought to tears and an overwhelming sense of gratitude. They know what it feels like to go through war and to come back and feel forgotten, unable to reintegrate into society.

However, they see the effort of the numerous volunteers and supporters of [Fashion Has Heart] to make sure that doesn’t happen to this new generation of war veterans.


Some veterans were unable to make it to the venue due to their disabilities, so [FHH] went to them. Founder, Michael Hyacinthe, took the video documentary, filmed & edited by Tommy Valdez, along with a few items co-donated by the VA. Each veteran, both from the venue and at the VA home, received a package co-sponsored by the VA filled with toiletries and a [Fashion Has Heart] ArtPrize t-shirt.

[FHH] MLK Day of Action [FHH] MLK Day of Action

Thank you to all those who served these Heroes on a “Day of Action” that we as a country should aim to live on a daily basis. Above all, thank you to those who have served our country.

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