Press Release: [FHH] to Exhibit at Forbes Galleries, NYC

Press Release via: This fall, [Fashion Has Heart] will present a comprehensive collection of original art created by wounded US Military Veterans at The Forbes Galleries in Manhattan. [Fashion Has Heart] is a non-partisan, non-profit organization established to utilize

[FHH] MLK Day of Action

With Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday (not to mention the 57th Presidential Inauguration), the MLK Day of Action was on Saturday to celebrate, commemorate, and continue Dr. King’s commitment to serving others. To do our part, [FHH] partnered with

ArtPrize: Awards

The public’s response to the Corporal Hoffman Series project during ArtPrize has been the biggest award of all, including being in the Top-100 entries by the public’s vote. Last night, we were excited and honored to be nominated for the

ArtPrize: Top-5 Venue

Tonight, [Fashion Has Heart] is in the Top-5 for the Juried Award for “Outstanding Venue.” ArtPrize-goers’ responses to the venue has been overwhelming, as we have seen simply by the Freedom Wall that quickly filled up within the first few

ArtPrize: In-Progress

[Fashion Has Heart] has been nominated in the Top-5 for the Juried Award for “Outstanding Venue.” Now, we’re battling to get within the Top-25 list for the Corporal Hoffman Series entry that is showcased at the ArtPrize venue at 144

Meet the Heroes

On Saturday, the Heroes will be in-store at the venue for a meet-and-greet. We’ve heard plenty of “Thank You’s” already this ArtPrize, but these are the ones who deserve the true “Thank You’s.” This event is open to the public

ArtPrize 2012 Begins

ArtPrize 2012 has officially started as of today at Noon! That means you can now register (and validate in-person) and start voting. The [FHH] venue (144 East Fulton Street) will be open during this week from 9AM – 9PM. Stay posted

Design Week, Day 5

Day 5 was a bittersweet day. We had a blast together but also knew in the back of our minds that tomorrow we would all be going our separate ways. We finalized each team’s design concepts in the morning (a

ArtPrize Fashion Force Challenge

[Fashion Has Heart] is honored to be the official non-profit organization for this Wednesday’s Fashion Force Challenge hosted by ArtPrize and Spotlight616. The flyer below has all of the needed information for the event. Any questions, contact Spotlight616.

Design Week, Day 4

Day 4 of the Design Week was the day we’ve all been waiting for, when it’d be time to get the design process started. Working with the Bates footwear designers a day earlier really began to spark the creative juices of