ArtPrize 2012

ArtPrize: Awards

The public’s response to the Corporal Hoffman Series project during ArtPrize has been the biggest award of all, including being in the Top-100 entries by the public’s vote. Last night, we were excited and honored to be nominated for the

ArtPrize: Top-5 Venue

Tonight, [Fashion Has Heart] is in the Top-5 for the Juried Award for “Outstanding Venue.” ArtPrize-goers’ responses to the venue has been overwhelming, as we have seen simply by the Freedom Wall that quickly filled up within the first few

ArtPrize: In-Progress

[Fashion Has Heart] has been nominated in the Top-5 for the Juried Award for “Outstanding Venue.” Now, we’re battling to get within the Top-25 list for the Corporal Hoffman Series entry that is showcased at the ArtPrize venue at 144

Meet the Heroes

On Saturday, the Heroes will be in-store at the venue for a meet-and-greet. We’ve heard plenty of “Thank You’s” already this ArtPrize, but these are the ones who deserve the true “Thank You’s.” This event is open to the public