Kathy Champion Hero

Kathryn Champion is a former paramedic/emergency medical technician practitioner, public school teacher, college professor, commander in Iraq of a U.S. Army special forces civil affairs unit made up of 500 men, and a wounded warrior. Her decorations include the Bronze Star, among others. Champion has college degrees in several disciplines including biology, health sciences, and an MBA in small business administration.


She has medically examined countless children, led soldiers safely through intense firefights, and survived deadly IED explosions even though her unit in Iraq lost five men. Her multiple injuries eventually caused her to lose her eyesight, but they haven’t hurt her spirit. Champion lights up any room she walks into and quickly makes everyone a friend. Her positive outlook on life and the lemons it gives is an inspiration to all who come in contact with the Champ.

MAKE Artist

MAKE is a Chicago-based design, illustration, and art direction team made up of Jesse Hora Dot Com and Abigail Wynne. They draw, doodle, think, scribble, cut, paste, build, photograph, paint, press and print. They enjoy making ideas come to life, making work that blows your mind, making a mess, and making friendships along the way. MAKE cares about being involved in our community, and running our business thoughtfully and responsibly.