David Nicholson Hero

David Nicholson comes from a very strong military family, from his father’s service and his father’s father’s service, to his three sons currently serving their country. His legs have taken him to Japan, Guam, Korea, Puerto Rico — just about everywhere. He served 12 years of active duty in the U.S. Navy before going to work at various corporate airlines with his aircraft mechanic skills. Nicholson then became a private contractor, a job which led him to be deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 in support of military personnel. In less than a year, 60 mm rockets ravaged his base. It killed most of his team members and blew off both of his legs. A bi-lateral amputee, Nicholson initially just wanted to walk again, but now he wants to do a whole lot more than just walk.

Nancy Yerkes Artist

Since 1979, Nancy has been delivering unique design solutions to a vast array of clients, including Herman Miller. She is a freelance designer based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.