Chris Stephenson Hero

U.S. Marine, Corporal Chris Stephenson was motivated to serve his country ever since he was a child growing up watching Westerns and old military  shows with his dad. While in high school, September 11th happened and that was all the extra motivation Stephenson needed to enlist into the few, the proud, the Marines. While deployed in Iraq in 2005, Stephenson and his convoy were hit by an IED. He was thrown out of the vehicle and suffered severe injuries to his legs, arms, back and lungs while the others in his vehicle were killed by the impact. 2012 [FHH] Hero, Chris Wiers’ vehicle was also a part of that convoy that was hit. Wiers enjoyed his experience so much, that he recruited Stephenson to also participate.

Laura Wilusz & Sam Ging Artist

Samuel Ging is a freelance web designer, photographer and videographer. He currently works with local startups in the Grand Rapids area, pushing their multimedia viral. Laura Wilusz is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator who works with various startups and philanthropic organizations in West Michigan to digitize and display their missions and ideas into visual format.